Enterprise Art Glass Fire House

The fire house was completed in December 1927 and the Engine Co. 35 was born. With 72 years of service to the citizens of the city of Milwaukee, The fire house out grew the facility on Hawley road and built a beautiful new building only a few blocks away.

Old Engine House 35 & Ladder Co. 16
407 N. Hawley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53213

The Fire house was built to look more like the surrounding homes. It was the first steps away from the typical Victorian style fire house of the times with the hose drying and look out towers in the front of the building. Charles Malig, City Architect,  designed  all of the 5 built around the same time. All of the Bungalow Style firehouses are deemed historical landmarks.

The Milwaukee Common Council granted the fire station the city’s historic building designation in 2001. The building, erected in 1927, was cited in part for its exemplification of the development of the cultural, economic, social or historic heritage of the city; its embodiment of distinguishing architectural characteristics; and its unique location as a singular physical characteristic that represents an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood, community or the city.  (Biz Journal Milwaukee)

The Fire House

Firehouse 1

Firehouse 2

New Dedication Wall Plaques

Wall Plaque 1

Wall Plaque 2

Address Transom

Address Transom

Original Archival Drawings

Original Archival Drawings